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About Us

Breakfast for Dinner Records is a label focused on new music from New Orleans. New Orleans is a city known for its music, and that music is much more multi-faceted than many realize. B4D Records releases some of that music that falls outside of the classic idea of New Orleans music. Like having pancakes and bacon for dinner, this music may be a bit out of the mainstream, but it sure is good.

Our goal here at B4D Records is help artists and audience members find each other in mutually rewarding ways. It should be easy and affordable for listeners to get music, and artists should be able to be fairly compensated for their work.

Thank you for visiting Breakfast for Dinner Records. Enjoy the music.


You may email us at mail@b4d-records.com


My favorite sister Andrea inspired the name, so I promised her a credit (and favorite sister status) on the website.